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Swords meets with the Tivoli staff and promises to revitalize it if he wins the presidency

The socialist candidate for the presidency of the Board, Juan Espadas, has promised today during a visit to Benalmádena to revitalize Tívoli if he governs from June 19 “so that it does not happen as with Moreno Bonilla with the Andalusian company Abengoa”. Swords, who has been accompanied by the mayor of the town, Víctor Navas, and the workers of this theme park, has claimed the PSOE’s support for the staff of the amusement park.

Navas has stated that “the continuity of the Tivoli amusement park is one of the problems that most worries us since after 50 years, which it celebrates this summer, Tivoli is closed due to the laziness of some administrations and, of course, because its legitimate owner it seems that he wants to speculate with the land of the park”.

The first mayor recalled that the City Council “is working to protect the land, to reach out to open the park and seek all the necessary mechanisms for the park to reopen, but alone  we cannot”.

At this point, he declared that “we cannot face a large multinational such as the Tremón group alone, so we need the support and backing of other administrations such as the Provincial Council and the Andalusian Government.”

Regarding the president of the Board, Navas has criticized that “Juanma Bonilla in four years as president of the Board has not been able to come to Benalmádena, not only to be interested in the problems that the city may have but to find out about the situation of the workers of Tivoli”.

For his part, Juan Espadas has assured that the Government of Moreno Bonilla “shrugs its shoulders and says that they are not here to solve problems that correspond to the company.” For this reason, he has emphasized “our support for Tívoli and its employees by the PSOE of Andalusia and mine as a candidate for the presidency has it and I will return here after the elections if the Andalusians support me and I will sit down with the mayor and with the company committee to provide a solution for a park as emblematic as Tívoli”.

The socialists have recalled the example of Isla Mágica, in which, as they explained, “there was another government on the Board, with a different sensitivity, which was able to sit down and solve the problem and became one of the economic engines of Seville , but Moreno Bonilla has not been able to come and sit down to look for solutions”.

According to the PSOE, “the difference is that the PP has not even been able to carry out a work table in which to seat the City Council, Provincial Council and find a way out for an icon of the Costa del Sol that generates wealth and employment. We hope that from June 19 we can work on finding a way out to achieve a viable solution for Tivoli, as happened with Isla Mágica”.



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