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Talk about the Childhood and Adolescence Law that regulates addictions and digital violence for the first time

The Department of Social Welfare of the Benalmádena City Council, on the occasion of the International Day of the Rights of Children and Girls, has organized today an informative talk about the recent approval of Law 4/2021, of July 7, on Children and Adolescents of Andalusia.

This talk was given by Julieta Moreno-Torres Sánchez, legal advisor of the Málaga Minors Protection Service, belonging to the Junta de Andalucía.

En palabras de la concejala Alicia Laddaga, “desde la Delegación de Servicios Sociales, es fundamental dar difusión a esta ley, ya que conlleva una especial atención a las situaciones de riesgo y a las personas menores en situación de vulnerabilidad”. For this reason, he highlighted the importance regarding the organization of this talk, in which the most relevant aspects of the aforementioned Law were discussed, “given its relevance, since attending to childhood and adolescence is a great responsibility.”

This new Andalusian standard adapts the protection of minors against the threats of the new times, especially with aspects related to both the internet and new technologies, and establishes rights that have not been legally recognized until now, such as the access of minors to culture, sports and recreational activities, among others.

In addition, to establish prevention standards for protect minors against threats that have appeared in recent years in virtual environments, in text it also highlights the the main role of familiesand thus, establishes a new framework for the protection of the most vulnerable children, primarily in those situations of risk for minors in which the intervention of the Public Administration is necessary.



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