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The ACEB conditions its support for the Coast project to the inclusion of its considerations

The president of the Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs of Benalmádena (ACEB), Rosa María González Rubia, wanted to clarify publicly -as she offered for the first time a few days ago Ole Benalmádena– whatthe ACEB’s support for the City Council improvement project for Benalmádena Costa “passes inexorably through the inclusion of the considerations and contributions that the ACEB made last September to the Benalmádena City Councilon this action”.

The head of the business group has made these statements after having been present at the meeting that the Benalmádena City Council convened on January 14 to present this action, and considers that “the remodeling of one of the main roads of the municipality is absolutely necessary, but it must contemplate the measures and considerations that the groups have been contributing for months, not only in the meeting of last January 14 ”. González Rubia has recalled in this regard that the ACEB “has spent months collecting impressions and contributions from businessmen since the very moment in which the single lane was enabled in this area, at the beginning of June last year”.

That is why the ACEB has made various contributions and estimates on the Antonio Machado avenue remodeling project, among which the following stand out:

One lane (in each direction) for vehicles and another express lane (in each direction) for public transport vehicles, taxis, emergency vehicles, electric vehicles and scooters or the like.

– An efficient and ecological circular transportservice that connects the three cores of the municipality. With an information system of panels at the stops.

Widening of sidewalks to encourage their use by pedestrians.

Enable benches, rows of treesand ultimately, make the walk through the area attractive and safe.

Parking bags for different types of vehicles.

Contact companies that provide electric, ecological transport vehicles, to be able to offer them to those who travel through the area.

The ACEB has indicated that it will continue to watch over the interests of businessmen and merchants, and for this it will be present at the working groups convened for the project. Specifically, facing the table that will take place in February, the ACEB is available to its associates to collect and propose the considerations they want to contribute to the project.



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