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The Ampas demand that new personnel be hired to cover casualties and inter-center collaboration is not used

The head of the kitchen of the Poeta Salvador Rueda school has joined her position today. The news at first glance seems most flattering, but it is only so for the Poet Salvador Rueda who recovers one hundred percent of his staff, while the Miguel Hernández will have to offer the dining room service without having sufficient personnel since to date all the casualties that he has been dragging have not been covered.

This school has been asking for a year to hire a professional kitchen to cover the retirement vacancy that occurred twelve months ago and also hastwo more leaves due to illness. The solution offered by the Junta de Andalucía to transfer active personnel in other educational centers to fill vacancies has not sat at all well within the associations of mothers and fathers of the affected schools that, according to what they have declared to Ole Benalmádena, consider the possibility of seeking the support of all the Ampas of the municipality to demand that the Junta de Andalucía “do not use inter-center collaboration to cover casualties and hire personnelthat would be the most effective and logical thing to do”.

In this sense, they insist that “seeing what has been seen, we cannot allow that every time there is a retirement in a center or someone gets sick, the Board pulls another school so as not to have to hire anyone and especially when they return to transfer workers to their centers of origin without actually solving the problem with the incorporation of new personnel ”. Thus, the Ampa of the Miguel Hernández he wonders that “why have they caused annoyances in the Poeta Salvador Rueda if in fact they did not have in mind to bring anyone to us in a definitive way “because, in their opinion, the temporary transfer of the head chef” is just a band-aid that they have put the problem and that now they take away from us all at once, still having the open wound”.

The school Miguel Hernández has seen today how his two kitchen assistants together with the other worker, “also temporarily transferred from the Isaac Peral school in Alhaurín”, have had to take care of the meals of the approximately 250 diners who use the daily service of dining room of this educational center, which is also obliged to feed the students of El Panal since the latter started the school year without having adequate facilities to offer this service.

According to the Ampa del Miguel Hernández, “we are totally puzzled, since if the Board brought us two professionals while the problem of casualties was being solved, we do not understand how now they are suddenly taken away without there being any solution to the problem”. In fact, he fears that “the same thing will happen these days with the kitchen assistant of the Malaga school, since the Ampa of the Isaac Peral school is also seeing its dining room service diminished and is demanding it”.

Both Ampas will join forces and seek the unanimous support of their counterparts in Benalmádena to demand that the Autonomous Administration “hire new personnel when situations of this type arise”. They insist that “we are in solidarityand we are always willing to collaborate with each other, but what we are not going to do is pass because the services in our schools are affected because they do not want to make contracts to supply low and thus save money.”

For its part, the municipal delegation of Education stresses that “the Ampas have our full support and we are at their side in their demands”. In fact, since the conflict began, it has shown its support for the affected centers to demand a “real” solution to the problem.



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