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The Arroyo de la Miel Library helps you surprise a loved one with ‘Tales on the phone’

Telling stories is an immemorial practice of humanity. The legends, traditions, values ​​and the past of different peoples have spanned millennia through orality and writing. And, listening to a good story allows you to go from one reality to  another. Driven by the imagination, we create empathy with the characters, settings and plots that fluctuate according to the interpretation of each one. Something similar happens to us when we read or watch a movie.

In older people, telling stories and stories helps them improve memory and contributes in a positive way to improving their quality of life, and something similar happens in younger people. Children love to listen to the same story over and over again, as it helps them remember the plot, the characters and the vocabulary, exercising memory in the process and at the same time, enhancing creativity through the diversity of the stories that take place in imagined realities. And there is no doubt that, regardless of our age, it makes us all feel good that someone gives us a story, that they spend part of their time thinking about how they can steal a smile from us.

The Arroyo de la Miel Public Library has been giving away thousands of stories through its loans of books, stories, comics, movies … but it has gone a step further and now has decided to personalize this gift to such an extent that she herself He tells you over the phone a story chosen especially for the person of your choosing.

With activity Tales by phone offersbenalmadenses the opportunity to make a loved one an immaterial and magical gift that is priceless, that is available to all who wish to surprise a relative or friend, or a neighbor who you see has the family away and spends a lot of time alone … a story on the phone alone for him / her.

You just have to go to the Library or call 952574151 and say who you want to surprise. This Saturday, María José Coronado, from the Huertos Filosóficos collective, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., will call the person you have chosen and will surprise them with a story.

You will not only give him a story, but a unique, unrepeatable, magical moment, which perhaps for some will also be a long-awaited time for company, or allowing oneself for a few minutes to stop from daily stress, from routine problems, to take a break. and dreaming about the characters and plots that María José Coronado will tell them by phone. Is there a more original way to tell someone “I love you” or “I care about you”? Reserve your story at the Arroyo de la Miel Public Library and surprise that special person in your life this Saturday.



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