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The Arroyo de la Miel Public Library exhibits documents from its local collection on the prehistoric heritage of Benalmádena

The Arroyo de la Miel Public Library values ​​the prehistoric heritage of Benalmádena with an exhibition during the month of October of documents from its local fund, a specialized section within the general catalog of the library that generates identity because it is the intellectual production on the territory itself and therefore, it is what makes each library unique and unique.

It seems that the first settlements in Benalmádena date from the Solutrean period of the Upper Paleolithic and proof of this are some of the caves found in the town. This is the case of the Cueva del Toro, also called El Calamorro, discovered in 1969, whose interior houses paintings that reveal ideomorphic signs around a central theme featuring a headless bull and a series of black spots close to this figure.

During the Neolithic, a large part of what is now called La Serrezuela was occupied, where interesting caves such as Los Botijos, also known as Cueva de los Cacharros, and La Zorrera are located. Both constitute a starting point for the study of southern Neolithic ceramics, both due to the diversity of their forms and their good state of preservation.

This data is just a sample of what the trace of the past has left impregnated in Benalmádena, municipal sources point out, which highlight that “Paleolithic, Muslim, Christian archaeological remains are part of the heritage of this town”.

In the local collection of the Arroyo de la Miel Library you can consult books and other documents on the prehistoric period in the municipality. In addition, the Felipe Orlando Museum in Benalmádena preserves in one of its collections the remains found in the Los Botijos Cave and in the La Zorrera Cave.



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