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The Arroyo de la Miel Public Library offers more than 450 new books

The Arroyo de la Miel Public Libraryreceives the new autumn season with more than 450 new titles for all types of users and for all ages. The novel is coming strong with more than 160 new copies from user donations. Among them are works with a storm of commotions such as Pablo Aranda’s Distance or the relationship between human beings and nature in Maja Lunde’s History of the Bees. Suspense, humor, imagination and spies will be able to find those who wish to read Daniel O’Malley’s Tower or if they are more into intrigue and suspense, they cannot miss the opportunity to access The Last Confidence of the Writer Hugo Mendoza by Joaquín Camps . With ingredients such as a disappearance, a media judicial process and a bit of mystery, surely few will be able to resist Graham Moore’s Jury 272, in which the author relied on his own experience as a member of a jury to write the novel

In addition, the last installment of the seven sisters arrives, Lucinda Riley’s lost sister and the fantastic novel, in which history and mythology are mixed, Two years, eight months and twenty-eight nights by Salman Rushdie.

For fans of comics, the Library incorporates more than twenty new titles such as Sherlock: Jay’s study in pink, superheroes with Batman: Alan Moore’s murderous joke or denunciation and social criticism in I, liar by Antonio Altarriba .

Those who have concerns to learn more, will be able to find solutions to break free from things without feeling guilty in Nagisa Tatsumi’s art of pulling, leaving the past behind in The healing of the 5 woundsof Lisa Bourbeau, learn more about vegetarian diets in Vegetarians with science by Lucía Martínez Argüelles, or learn to connect, know, create and share in The 4 Cs de Linkedin.

Movie buffs will be able to find such iconic titles as Fury directed by Fritz Lang, West side story directed by Robert Wise, winner of ten Oscars or The Seven Samurai.

On the other hand, the Other languages ​​section offers users new titles such as The third wife by Lisa Jewell or The boy who saw by Simon Toyne.

For younger users, the Library presents more than a hundred titles to stimulate dialogue with and interact with children, through Patrick George with Numbers, Shapes or Animal Rescue. To enhance positivity and self-esteem you can read When I grow up I want to be … happy by Anna Morató García and Minecraft lovers, they can now access the Diary of a pringao villager or Treasure hunters in danger.



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