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The Ateneo Libre inaugurates the new year with an outstanding program of talks and cinema forum

The Ateneo Libre de Benalmádena, -a non-profit association that is constituted as a free space for debate open to all the topics and suggestions of its supporters and collaborators- has already presented the agenda of its cycle of conferences and activities planned for the first quarter of the new year. All the gatherings take place from the 7:00 p.m.in the meeting room on the upper floor of the Casa de la Cultura, with the exception of the cinema-forums organized in collaboration with the Cine Club Más Madera, which take place in the Assembly Hall.

Thus, the next January 12, the professor of Human Geography at the University of Malaga (UMA), Alfredo Díaz Rubio, will speak on the figure of George Steiner, teacher, philosopher, critic and theorist of Franco-Anglo-American literature and culture, specialist in comparative literature and translation theory.

On Wednesday 19 the first cinema forum of the new year will take place, an activity recently released by the Ateneo Libre de Benalmádena in collaboration with the Cine Club Más Madera, which has been reaping great public success due to the interest aroused both by the quality of the screenings and by the guests who participate in the subsequent citizen debate.

On this occasion the documentary chosen will be Sanctuary, which accounts for the expedition of the Artic Sunrise in a Greenpeace campaign to claim the protection of Antarctica. This is the story of how to create the largest marine sanctuary on earth, in the Antarctic Ocean. During the documentary, we accompanied brothers Javier and Carlos Bardem, spokespersons for the Antarctic Sanctuary campaign, in their struggle to obtain the popular support necessary to launch this initiative. Achieving this small victory in the fight to save the environment in the last virgin area of ​​the planet is not an easy task. We will witness how science, politics and social networks combine to get almost 3 million people to support this initiative that ultimately depends only on a political decision.

For the debate after the viewing of Sanctuary there will be the presence of a participant in the AEMET campaigns in Antarctica  in March 2018, who is a meteorologist and who has been head of Prediction and Surveillance of the State Meteorological Agency AEMET in Malaga. His name is Fausto Polvorinos Pascual and he is an expert and disseminator of climate change.

On Wednesday January 26, the Bachelor of Arts and Crafts, Lola Recio Barba will bring to those present the figure of Juan de Valdés Leal, Spanish painter and engraver, an artist strictly contemporary of Murillo, who was his greatest pictorial rival in Seville of his time. De Valdés Leal is known mainly for the two late hieroglyphs, painted around 1672 for the church of the Hospital de la Caridad in Seville, where they are still preserved.

In February, on Wednesday 2, the conference offered by the Ateneo Libre de Benalmádena will focus on writing, books and censorship, from the hands of the writer Vladimir Merino strong , who recently presented his last two works:La Colombiana and Balas y violines.

The next appointment of the second month of the year will be on the 9th, and the graduate in Medicine from the University of Granada,Piedad Sánchez Casado, will speak about The vacunas anticovid (RNA Technology). Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines teach our cells to make a protein that triggers an immune response within our bodies. To awaken the immune response, the system of many vaccines consists of injecting the attenuated or inactivated germ into our bodies. This is not the case with mRNA vaccines. Instead, these vaccines use an mRNA created in a laboratory to teach our cells to make a protein, or just a portion of a protein, that triggers the immune response of our bodies. Instead, these vaccines use an mRNA created in a laboratory to teach our cells to make a protein, or just a portion of a protein, that triggers the immune response of our bodies.

The next appointment of the conference cycle will bringAna Scherman, a Veterinary graduate who will speak about the Animalist Phenomenonon Wednesday 16, who will be taken over by the graduate in Philosophy Juan Rafael Fernández García on the 23rd, with skeptical Reflections on the occasion of the Day of Andalusia.

The month of Marchbegins on the agenda of the Ateneo Libre on the 2ndwith the conference How to survive  a heart crisisthat will be offered by Francisco Marín Urrutia, a doctor specializing in Rehabilitation.

Osteoporosis-a skeletal disease in which there is a decrease in bone mass density- will focus the second appointment of this month, on Wednesday the 9th at the hands of Rafael Recio Barba, a doctor specializing in traumatology.

On the 16th,   the neurologist Paulino Uclés Morenowill offer a talk about Lifestyles. Physical Exercise and Nutrition, and on the 23rd, the Doctor of Medicine Jesús Lobillo Ríos will speak aboutHiking and Marching.

On Wednesday, March 30, the second cinema forum of the year arrives with the screening of Journey to the Lightby Ramón Sender Barayon and subsequent debate with the presence of its director and screenwriter Luis Olano.

In the feature-length documentary Journey to the Light, Sender Barayón takes a journey through the history of the 20th century, from the Spain of the Civil War, repression and exile, to the sunny California of the counterculture, the golden years of rock, the psychedelia and hippies. The son of the famous novelist comes before the camera for the first time to relate his unique life. His is the only testimony of the documentary, which therefore becomes a life story.



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