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The Butterfly Park of Benalmádena opts for an award for the Best International Attraction in January

The Butterfly Park of Benalmádena has been awarded the prize for the best attraction in Spain in 2021 in the V Edition of the Remarkable Venue Awards, which distinguishes the best cultural attractions from several countries.

Tiqets, the online ticketing platform for museums and attractions, is the organizer of the Remarkable Venue Awards, which distinguish the best museums and attractions from around the world. These distinctions have five categories, to which are added two more, which are evaluated by a jury of experts.

The awards are chosen by popular vote and by a jury. Specifically, the Mariposario de Benalmádena has achieved the award for the Best Spanish Attraction that recognizes the best valued family and leisure attractions, according to the opinions of Tiqets users, and in which it competed with Puy de Fou España, Bodega Codorníu and Poem of the Sea.

Following this recognition, now competing to win the Best of the Best, the best international attraction since the best museums and attractions in Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ireland and the United States have once been made public, the public will decide with their votes which one they think should be crowned the global winner, an act that will be held in January.

The Butterfly Park in Benalmadena is located in a spectacular Thai temple, where the visitor can  walk among more than 1,500 exotic butterflies from all over the world that fly freely in a tropical paradise among waterfalls and flowers.

“We have very positive comments from our clients, who are pleasantly impressed when they see that all the butterflies fly free within the facilities, and for having the possibility of attending live births of new specimens, something that they cannot see in any other park, in addition to the feeling of peace that is experienced in the Butterfly Park ”, explained the technical director, Asunción Gómez.

Since the half-life of butterflies is only 2-3 weeks, new species can always be observed in the garden. Specific, Throughout the year you can see more than 150 different species and thanks to the fact that many species reproduce in the park itself, in addition to butterflies it is possible to observe other phases of their biological cycle like eggs and caterpillars, or behaviors like delicate nuptial dances and matings. New births take place every day, so it is usual for visitors to have the opportunity to see how they emerge from the chrysalis and spread their wings, and witness their first flight after metamorphosis.

In the butterfly garden,the plants share the limelight with the butterflies both for their beauty and for their importance, since they are the basis for their life. They feed on them and reproduce in them. As the company reports on its website, “each species of butterfly needs a specific plant to lay its eggs, which is the plant that the caterpillar eats, it is called a host plant and this relationship between plants and butterflies is the result of millions of years of evolution. . The female of the butterfly must find and identify its host plant among the enormous botanical diversity of the tropical forest since the survival of its offspring depends on it ”.

Regarding the maintenance of the park, they comment that it is very complex Well, “it must be taken into account that we work with animals that have a life span of 15 days, so to coordinate the breeding and the biological cycle so that every day of the year there are enough butterflies for the enjoyment of the public it is very complicated , in addition to the maintenance of the gardening and the air conditioning ”.

The Benalmadense Butterfly Farm has the accreditation of adherence to the ecological fertilization program. As they explain, “one of our objectives is environmental education, that is why we lead by example. In our facilities weonly use natural organic fertilizers, worm castings ”.

Humus is a compost from the digestion of organic waste by worms. It is a natural decomposition process that takes place in the complex digestive system of worms and that results in a 100% natural fertilizer that improves the physical properties of the soil, and provides beneficial microorganisms and nutritional elements.

The mayor, Víctor Navas; and the Councilor for Commerce, Javier Marín, have visited the facilities of the Butterfly Garden to hold a meeting with its director, José Plaza; the technical director, Asunción Gómez; and the head of marketing, Magdalena Campos on the occasion of the recent award.

Navas has highlighted that the Mariposario de Benalmádena is always in the provincial ranking of the most visited attractions, “Which fills us with pride for what it means to reinforce Benalmádena’s tourist offer”, and also recalled that the municipality has the largest concentration of leisure spaces on the Costa del Sol.

The technical veterinarian and technical director of the Mariposario de Benalmádena, Asunción Gómez, explained that the award is chosen by popular vote of the users of the platform. “We are very proud of this award because we have been chosen by the visitors themselves, although the final decision is revalidated by an  international jury specialized in tourism.”, he highlighted.

In this sense, he highlighted that this award is also very positive for Benalmádena because of what it means to reinforce its position within the tourism market, “and it opens the doors for us to go to the final, which will be held in January in the United States to choose the best attractions in the world ”.



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