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The Calamorro Sky Race will be in March Andalusian Championship of mountain races


The Councilor for Sports, Joaquín Villazón, presentedthis morning the new edition of the Calamorro Sky Race with its organizers. Test to be held on March 26.

“This year the test will take a qualitative leap,going from a popular race to having greater prestige by becoming the Andalusian championship”, the councilor began.

According to Villazón, “with this test we want toplace Benalmádena on the world map of mountain races within several years, taking advantage of our mountains, and for this we thank the Benalmádena Alpine Club for the work they are doing to achieve it ” .

The race will not lose its popular character, “because we will keep an open open for all those interested in participating, we will simply go one step further by incorporating the Andalusian championship“, the councilor clarified.

The technical director of the Benalmádena Alpine Club and Andalusian mountain racing coach, Gonzalo Cea Torres, explained that in this edition they have made a very strong commitment so that the event has a qualitative leap, “being the test this year in addition to the Championship of Andalusia Mountain Racing”.

“This year’s race will be the beginning of a great project to position this event at a national and international level in a period of three to five years, and for this reason the event will have a new schedule, a spectacular route and we are working to have the best runners at a national and Andalusian level”, announced the technical director.

In the same way, he explained that “we havealso redesigned the logo, and we have proposed a new communication strategy, betting on important economic prizes to attract the best runners“, he detailed.

“We have changed the race format: at the end there will be a coexistence with a celebration, which has led to a change in schedule, going from the morning to a start at 3:00 p.m.”, he added.

The test will be held on March 26, and will havetwo modalities: the Andalusian Championship, and a more affordable open test for those interested in starting out in this sport.





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