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The CD Costa del Sol archers, at the top of the provincial and regional league

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; and the Councilor for Sports, Joaquín Villazón, have received several athletes from CD Arqueros Costa del Sol in Mayor’s Office, after completing an excellent season that has led them to the top of the podium in the provincial and regional league.

“We take advantage of this Christmas period to dedicate time to receive local athletes who have achieved important competitive successes in recent months to celebrate them together,” explained the mayor.

Highlight thegolds that Elio Losada achieved in the Benjamin category, and in Senior; Emilio Aguilar obtained the silver medal, Lucas Cruz bronze in infantile and Alejandro Fernández Carvajal fifth in infantile; and in senior fifth Javier Marina.

For her part, the director and coach of the CD Arqueros Costa del Sol and sports school, Pepa Sedeño, explained that this 2021 in the provincial league “we have achieved two golds, two silver, one bronze and two fifth places”.

According to Navas, “we are very happy because, thanks to the efforts of the goalkeepers, local athletes are once again shining in provincial and regional leagues”.

In this sense, the mayor has stressed that “if Benalmádena is characterized in one thing in terms of sports, it is that we have a wide variety of sports disciplines, and we have already become a benchmark for archery at the provincial level”

For his part, the mayor of sports has highlighted that “These archers have achieved great results in the provincial league: it is a sport that has recently started in Benalmádena, just a year and a half ago, but it already has 40 students in its sports school, which shows the great work done by its director Pepa Sedeño ”.

The director pointed out that “although there is not much archery tradition in the province, we already have 40 students between seniors and children, since one of the good coasts of this sport is that it can be practiced at any age, and it is very engaging ”, He highlighted.

“The key to achieving such success in such a short time is constant work, and we are the second club in number of participants at the provincial level, and there are some in Malaga with more than 50 years of experience”, Sedeño has valued .

“Except for the adjustment of the visor, which is very stressful, I like everything about this sport,” Alejandro Fernández acknowledged. “You can shoot an arrow well, but if you move your hand a little on the next shot, the result will no longer be the same: you have to be very precise to achieve the same good results, and be very technical and calm,” he added.

“What I enjoy most about archery are the championships, in addition to preparing the bows,” Elio Losada highlighted.

Both athletes have highlighted the good atmosphere of the training sessions.



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