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The City Council announces speed controls and the use of the bus lane on Antonio Machado avenue

The City Council will start a campaign next Monday to “control the proper use of the bus-taxi lane” on the avenue. Antonio Machado that, according to the Councilor for Security and Mobility, Javier Marín, is motivated “by the complaints made by users of this sector of the road, taxi drivers and bus line drivers, who tell us that there are quite a few drivers who pay attention disregarding the established signage ”. In the same way, the agents are going to carry out speed controls since, in the words of Marín, “these same offending vehicles take advantage of this lane to circulate at a speed greater than that allowed on the road”.

Before the announcement of this campaign, the members of the Citizen Platform not to the single lane of the Coasthave been astonished. And it is that, this neighborhood group that brings together almost 4,000 members, is going to demonstrate next Saturday the 30th on the occasion of “the continuous traffic jams that are experienced every day on this avenue due to the reduction of lanes” carried out by the Consistorywith a view to a more complex comprehensive remodeling project in the area  included in a European grant of funds, within the  Sustainable Development Strategy (Edusi).

Thus, while the area councilor asks “the collaboration of all drivers to respect the rules established to ensure traffic safety in the area”, the citizen platform underlines that “the usual in the day to day on the avenue Antonio Machado it is that it circulates at low speed due to the long caravans ”.

From the City Council it is emphasized that the Police will proceed to control said lane in order to “guarantee the safety of pedestrians and other users of the same road”. Thus, after an initial informative phase, the agents will proceed to sanction those drivers who persist in their misuse of the road, ”the councilor warned, while the head of the Local Police, Francisco Zamora, emphasizes that “thecisco Zamora, subraya que “la Local Policewill optimize the use of that lane so that it meets the destination that was given, and with this we want to promote the proper functioning of urban public transport in the town ”.

These statements have fallen into the heart of the neighborhood platform like a jug of cold water because, they feel “helpless by the rulers” when they see how “they collect these complaints and they do not pay any attention to us” and, as they declare to Ole Benalmádena, “although possibly, as happens everywhere, there will be some offending driver, it seems that they are laughing at us, we are the ones who every day to go to and from work, for example, take twice the time than when there were two lanes and that it is a reality and a problem that anyone can see with their own eyes ”, which is why they ask that they“ have the same sensitivity towards drivers that we have been enduring for months in an untenable situation due to the single lane ”.

In this line, from the citizen platform not to the single lane of the Coast indicate that “although it is very good to ensure compliance with the regulations, these types of actions by the rulers encourage us more in our protests, since it is not normal that they do not listen to the hundreds of citizens who are every day trapped in long caravans of impotent cars do offer us alternatives ”.



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