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The City Council approves a municipal budget of 110 million euros for 2022

This morning the municipal budget for 2022 was initially approved in an extraordinary plenary session, with the votes in favor of the Government team (PSOE and IU) and the votes against the PP, Cs and VOX.

The budget for Benalmádena will have 110,735,098.26 euros for expenses and income, because, according to municipal sources, “we are going to allocate all the resources that we intend to enter into the expenditure chapter.”

“With these budgets we have wanted to propose what will be the roadmap for our management in 2022, taking into account that it will be a difficult year again due to the validity of the pandemic and that the A priority objective continues to be the reactivation of the city’s productive fabric”, pointed out the mayor, Víctor Navas.

10.9% of these budgets, almost 12 million euros, will be direct transfers to citizens, groups, companies and the self-employed to, in the words of Navas, “help them in these difficult times to get out of the crisis.”

“When private investment is not strong enough to activate the productive fabric, it must be public spending that actuates the lever, and for this reason we maintain the lines of help to micro SMEs, the self-employed and the hotel plant, we will launch a new plan of municipal employment, we increased aid to Social Services and increased the budget for tourism promotion by 33.46% ”, the mayor explained.

Among other highlights, the municipal budget for 2022 will allocate 50,000 euros in aid for energy poverty, 100.000 euros for helps for him promotion of residential rental, 200,000 euros for the Urban Regeneration Plan, 624.342 euros for programs emergency and economic-family aid, or 87.248 euros direct grants to Cruz Roja for food programs and cash cards.

In this sense, the Councilor for the Economy and Finance, Manuel Arroyo, stressed that “we have strengthened all the items destined to Social Services, in the same way that we destined to the aid and subsidies to SMEs, the self-employed and the hotel plant an amount of 1,200,000 euros, to continue helping them to get out of this complicated situation ”.

In the same way, he highlighted that the Benalmadan budget raises more than 15 million euros in investments “that we intend to carry out throughout this year, 47.02% more than in 2021“.

Navas has highlighted that they are the municipal accounts “that we have approved more quickly, which will make it easier for them to come into force almost at the turn of the year, which is an unequivocal sign of stability and that this government team works for and for the city”.

In this sense, the mayor thanked all the Treasury and Intervention technicians “for their effort in preparing and preparing budgets on which we began to work last August.”

“This is the most expansive municipal budget in recent years, with an increase in public spending at a time when private investment is still suffering the consequences of the economic crisis derived from the pandemic,” said the mayor, who also stressed that “it is it is also balanced, where each cent collected is made available to the economic recovery of Benalmádena, with aid to companies and the self-employed, employment plans and public investment to contribute as much as possible to the revitalization of the local economy ”.

For his part, the Deputy Mayor, Pablo Centella, highlighted the allocation of one million euros for the launch of a new employment plan, “an especially important initiative at this time of economic and social crisis.”

Finally, the mayor regretted that the opposition “has not even given us the opportunity to negotiate anything with them, since they have attended the plenary session previously announcing that they would vote against the budget, without even having contributed a single proposal in the months in which we have been preparing these accounts ”.

They criticize that “almost 80% is directed to the single lane project”

The PP has argued its rejection of the initial draft of municipal budgets proposed for fiscal year 2022 by the bipartisan in the extraordinary plenary session held this morning.  In the opinion of the popular, “they areunreal accounts since they repeat including actions that are never executed.”

In addition, the municipal spokesman of the PP, Juan Antonio Lara, has stressed that “his party was neither going to approve nor are they going to be accomplices of some accounts that continue to maintain the single lane project on the Coast despite complaints from citizens and the damage it has had to traffic ”.

At this point, they denounce that “almost 80% of the investment chapter is directed solely and exclusivelyto the project led by the socialist mayor of the single laneon the Coast.”



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