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The City of Benalmádena Choir resumes its face-to-face rehearsals at the Immaculate Conception Church

The Coral Ciudad de Benalmádena has just turned 20 years since its foundation in September 2001. In these years of assiduous presence in the municipality, it had never been forced to face the fact of having to gradually cancel, due to the pandemic, the concerts and choral meetings scheduled for 2020 and part of the current year.

After confinement, the group continued rehearsing in its usual place in small groups, although in December it was again forced to suspend its activity due to the toughening of the rules. As of February 2021, the trials were restarted via telematics until the beginning of September.

Currently, thanks to the initiative of the Board of Directors and the generosity of Don Emilio, Parish Priest of the Immaculate Conception Church, the Choirhas been able to resume face-to-face rehearsals in a room temporarily ceded to the joy of all the singers.

The Ciudad de Benalmádena Choir invites all those interested in polyphonic singing to join their voices. According to the group, “no musical knowledge is needed, only a good ear, so that any person of legal age with this characteristic can access the group.”

Those responsible for the Coral Ciudad de Benalmádena, its musical director, Óscar Sánchez, and all its members undertake this new stage with great enthusiasm and with the hope of being able to carry out the concert for their XX Anniversaryand the Christmas choral meeting as normally as possible.



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