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The commitment to sports tourism generates almost 3 million to Benalmádena this semester

Sports tourism has brought Benalmádena almost three million euros during the first half of this year. Tourism and sport complement each other and their synergy is on the rise. In addition to the economic benefit of the off-peak arrival of athletes and fans, it also has a very positive impact on the tourist image of the host destination that adds its local flavor to distinguish itself and provide authentic local experiences to visitors.

The Councilor for Sports, Joaquín Villazón, has stressed this double aspect and explained that “sports tourism has a double value: the arrival of tourists out of season, and the opportunity to show the attractions of the city to these visitors so that they can visit it again a second time, beyond the celebration of the tournament they have attended”.

The City Council distinguishes the sporting events in which it collaborates into two types. Thus, on the one hand, there are those that start from rental agencies, and involve the participation of teams from abroad that come to Benalmádena to train and prepare for the season during the winter months; and those that it organizes directly or in which it collaborates from the Sports Area, such as the Semifinals of the Spanish Hockey Championship, Volleyball Cadeba 2022, the FYM Basketball Tournament, or the Spanish Archery Grand Prix, and which also they bring foreign athletes to the town.

In relation to the season preparation events, Villazón has estimated the number of athletes who visited the municipality at 4,360, and generated, with the sum of technicians and companions, a tourist occupation of 15,899 beds, which represented an economic impact of 1,405 .948 euros.

As for the sporting events, they meant the arrival in Benalmádena out of season of 16,228 athletes, giving rise to an occupation of 6,221 beds, a figure lower than that of the other types of events because teams from nearby areas compete in some of these tournaments They don’t get to spend the night in the city. The economic impact of these sporting events during the first half of 2022 has amounted to 1,440,347 euros.

To assess the economic impact, in the words of the mayor, a calculation is made on different types of expenses incurred by athletes and their companions, “set at about 88 euros per person per day.”

“The global economic repercussion that this strong commitment to sports tourism has brought amounts to 2,846,000 euros in the first half of this year, a very important figure that encourages us to continue working in this line”, Villazón highlighted.

“For this reason, we will continue to facilitate the arrival of teams from abroad so that they can prepare their season in Benalmádena during the winter, and collaborate with all the sports clubs to help them organize tournaments and national championships in the municipality”, pointed out the Councilor for Sports.



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