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The Consistory’s Regulatory Plan for 2022 includes a dozen new ordinances and modifies 29 texts

The City Council’s Regulatory Plan for 2022 has been approved during the December plenary session, with the votes in favor of the Government team (PSOE and IU) and the abstention of PP, Cs and VOX.

In the words of the mayor, Víctor Navas, “this regulatory plan will be the legislative roadmap of this City Council for 2022”.

The Councilor for General Administration, Sergio Torralvo, has detailed that the new regulatory plan will include ten new ordinances and the modification of 29 regulatory texts.

“The objective is to adapt the regulations of this City Council to different social, legal and administrative changes, in order to gain efficiency and improve citizen service“, explained Torralvo.

Among the regulatory texts to be modified, Torralvo has highlighted the change in the capital gains ordinance to adapt it to the new calculation formula established by the Government.

And as for the new ordinances, the Regulatory Plan includes a Regulation for the use and operation of municipal sports facilities, a Regulatory Ordinance for the Management, Use and Protection of green areas and plant heritage in Benalmádena, or a Regulatory Ordinance on the use of the park from La Paloma.



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