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The Covid certificate is mandatory in Andalucía to enter bars and entertainment venues

The Covid certificate has come into effect from today, Monday, December 20, for user access to spaces interiors of hospitality, leisure and leisure establishments, after the Superior Court of Justice of Andalucía  has ratified the petition of the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía.

Thus, from today until January 15, those over 12 years of age must present this certificate to access the interior of hospitality, leisure and recreation establishments. The Covid passport requirement in bars and restaurants comes after the Junta has already implemented theCovid-19 certificate requirement for visits to hospitalized health centers and residential social health centers.

For his part, the Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre, has been satisfied with the resolution since “the Covid certificate is a fundamental measure for the fight against the pandemic.” Also remembering that “together with the protection of the most vulnerable people, we must influence prevention in closed spaces that have a greater risk of exposure.”

The counselor also wanted to thank the collaboration of the nightlife and catering sector for their involvement in the fight against the virus.

In another vein, the president of the central government, Pedro Sánchez, announcedthis morning that next Wednesday a co-conference of regional presidents will be held to “review the incidence in the different communities and evaluate new measures to be implemented in the upcoming weeks”.

How to obtain the Covid certificate

The Covid certificate can be obtained in various ways:   ClicSalud +, the   ‘Salud Andalucía’ mobile application, through  the Ministry of Health  and at the  health center or  by electronic submission of the application.

To download through ClicSalud + it is necessary to identify with adigital certificate, DNie or Cl @ ve, although recently Clicsalud + facilitates access to the EU Digital COVID Certificate with a new method of identification with personal data and mobile verification based on the use of personal data . This system, for greater security, requires entering an access code on the page that is sent to the citizen’s mobile phone (via SMS)to complete the registration process. authentication. Mutual and private people must use the specific access for people without Andalusia health card, which does not require this information for identification. To access they must use the option for people without an Andalusian health card.

The App ‘Salud Andalucía’  is the mobile application of institutional reference for all users of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) and is available for free from the application markets. An ad that says ‘Certificates COVID-19’, which will facilitate their obtaining. For the download it is necessary to identify yourself with personal data and mobile verification based on the use of personal data.

On the other hand, citizen care professionals can provide the certificate without the need for a medical or nursing consultation. Many of the centers have an appointment in advance for this type of procedure, an appointment that can be obtained through ClicSalud +, the App and the Salud Responde telephone number through the option “Administrative Procedures”.

QR reader to verify Covid certificates

On December 7, the  Ministry of Health and Families  launched a new functionality in the ‘Salud Andalucía’application including a QR code reader through which it is possible  to verify the validity of the Covid certificate  of the European Union.

Thereader verifies that the QR we read is correct, that is, that it exists in the certificate repository and reviews the data to verify its authenticity and expiration. When the application certifies that the data is correct, it returns a ok with the basic data of the holder  (name and date of birth) so that the person who validates it can verify that they correspond to the identity of the person presenting it. The ok is shown with a large green circle with a positive check inside. In the event that it is not valid, a red circle is displayed with a cross in the center. Those interested can download the application for Android  and for iOS



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