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The elderly, about to enjoy the expansion of the Anica Torres center

The improvement and expansion works of the Anica Torres active participation center in Arroyo de la Miel,-in which investment has exceeded one million euros-, would be nearing completion, according to information provided by the local government in the last plenary session in December in response to a question posed by the opposition.

Thus, according to the municipal government during the last plenary session of last year, – held on December 29 – the work should have finished on November 30 but “there have been problems in the construction area in general with the supply of materials and even with the hiring of personnel ”. To the explanation given in the course of the past plenary session, it should be remembered that during the course of the work unforeseen events such as the appearance of leaks and dampness that slowed down the execution of the expansion project also arose.

Specifically, they indicated that the last interior details and verification of lighting installationsare being finished and that it is expected that the final certificate of works will be signed shortly and the reception  of the same will take place.

These expansion works will represent a benefit for the 12,000 pensioners registered in Benalmádena, for whom these facilities had become too small. Now, once the works are received, they will also have more space, with brand new equipment and furniture.

Regarding the economic items invested in regard to equipment, they indicated that -although the rest of the centers have also been equipped- specifically in Anica Torres it has been invested for furniture and sports equipment a total of 114,453.90 euros, for games of chance an amount of 12,029.86 euros has been allocated and for computer equipment for the classroom 12,850 euros.

Regarding the bar and cafeteria service, the information that was offered in this municipal plenary session is that “it has already been awarded”.

Regarding the improvement works, in the latest statements made by the City Council they explained that “In addition to the elevation of the new floor, the expansion works of the Anica Torres center also include on the ground floor the creation of a new patio of light, of Japanese inspiration and with the planting of an olive tree“And that” it is a very functional action, adapted to the environment and made with the most advanced, and of the best quality, construction materials, providing our elders with a much more spacious, bright and pleasant space for recreation and leisure, serving thus to the increase of users of the last years ”.



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