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The Exhibition Center makes art more accessible to people with hearing disabilities

The Benalmádena Costa Exhibition Center gives a small boost to its accessibility so that people with hearing disabilities can enjoy the current exhibition, thanks to the selfless collaboration of a group of accessibility specialists.

The initiative is intended to promote accessible leisure for deaf and hard-of-hearing people, since through the use of the QR code, a support resource has been created with subtitles, sign language and narrated locution, which allows access to information on the current exposure. This contribution is added to the line of work followed in the museographic project of the exhibition on cognitive accessibility, through a discourse with simple language and content, it adapts to the needs of any visitor. And thus achieve a cultural space without barriers, more inclusive and accessible.

This work has been developed by the sign language interpreter Miguel Maldonado, the voice of Laura Calderón and the artist Maida Rodríguez, psychologist and specialist in accessibility. Thanks to their collaboration, we got a small boost in access to art and culture, a new line of work in which to continue working to adapt cultural spaces to people with different abilities.

The exhibition The Women Who Lead the World, made up of almost fifty photographs in which the American artist Lekha Singh shows us the harsh living conditions that many women suffer daily throughout the planet, can be visited until July 23, free way.



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