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The flamenco chords of the guitar of José Manuel León de Algeciras fill the House of Culture today

Today Wednesday, at 8:30 p.m., coinciding with the celebration of the Flamenco Week of Benalmádena, flamenco lovers will enjoy the , los amantes del flamenco disfrutarán de la guitar by José Manuel León de Algeciras, within the Flamenco Guitar Fest, which will close on December 14 with a performance by Manuel Herrera from Seville, who will present a repertoire based on the oldest school of the guitar.

Tomorrow, Thursday 18th  the protagonist of the Benalmádena Flamenco Week will be the seventh art . In collaboration with the Cine Club Más Madera, Menese, a documentary directed by Remedios Malvarez Baez and José Romero Portillo, will be screened.

Menese it is the portrait of a free, indomitable artist who loved flamenco above all else. A  singer politically committed to the time in which he lived and who, with the help of his ideologue and mentor Francisco Moreno Galván, revolutionized flamenco by taking it to cultural spaces and stages that it had never reached before.

The Closing gala will take place on Friday 19th with the show Qué has flamenco by bailaora Rosi  by Alva. Miguel Astorga will be singing singing, Joselillo on guitar, Fito (Adolfo Gálvez) on keyboard, Gonzalo de Gálvez on percussion and Larry (Antonio Bañazco) on sax.



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