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The foreign community pays tribute to Joan Hunt, founder of Cudeca

Last Tuesday the 2nd, a tribute from the foreign community of Benalmádena was held in Cudeca to the founder of this non-profit organization, Joan Hunt, who died last June at the age of 92.

During the event, which was attended by the Councilor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga; and the Councilor for Health, Juan Carrillo, representing the City Council, took place the intervention of different personalities who knew and were close to the life of Joan Hunt.

Among these interventions were that of the current director of Cudeca, Marisa Martín; Vice President Susan Hannam and Director Rafael Olalla. They talked about her past life, how Joan came to found Cudeca and what this project meant to her.

During his career, he managed to get Cudeca to finance itself through its second-hand goods sales stores and the collaboration of different entities.

In addition, the event also featured the testimonies of a Cudeca volunteer who reflected the important work they do there and that of a relative who was a user of the center and who only had words of gratitude for the foundation.

Finally, the event closed with the intervention of the Councilor for Social Welfare, who dedicated a few words of gratitude to the immense work of Joan Hunt and the ability “to make a situation as complicated as that of Cudeca users. a warmer and more welcoming transition ”.

From Cudeca they presented a campaign to be carried out in the month of November called One in a million, directed to raise funds to finance the refurbishment of Joan Hunt’s house, attached to the current Cudeca center, for the hospitalization of children, young people and / or people with special needs. This campaign will be carried out in collaboration with various entities such as Talk Radio Europe and La Caixa Foundation.



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