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The Free Athenaeum addresses the problem of rental in its series of conferences

Housing leases often produce, on occasions, a multitude of problems and doubts in both parties of the contractual relationship. What happens when, for example, the tenant dies, or when my rent can be raised, if a pipe breaks, who is responsible for paying for its repair? or what is the bond really for. These are some of the many unknowns that may arise during the time that you live in a rented home.

In parallel, the regulation of rents is a hot topic in society that seeks to solve an increasingly serious problem such as access to housing, but is it the ideal solution?

Regarding evictions as a judicial tool to recover the rented house, are they operational?

The Benalmádena Free Athenaeum will address this topic at its next appointment on Wednesday 15, at 7:00 p.m. at the Casa de la Cultura.

Attendees will be attended by thelawyer Lola Lobillo Recio, who will address the issue of urban rentals and its problems.

What is a reality in all eyes is that the need to have a good rental contract that guarantees our rights becomes fundamental for both owners and tenants, as well as keeping in mind which are the ways to claim our interests and how they work.



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