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‘The garden of severed heads’ by José Manuel Portero attracts Benalmádena to the Alhaurín reading clubs

A large group of components from different reading clubs of the Public Library of Alhaurín ‘Antonio Garrido Moraga’ visited the Parque de la Paloma de Benalmádena on Saturday afternoon.

These passionate about reading moved to Benalmádena to visit, in the company of the writer José Manuel Portero, the places and different settings, where the most important events took place that began the plot of one of his novels: The garden of severed heads. .

As they explained, “with the super nice company of the writer José Manuel Portero we entered into glimpsing the scenes and characters against the background of the words of a colleague who was reading what happened in the park when they found the headless corpse … Thus beginning the novel, athriller that hooks you and involves you to participate in the investigations of detective Lino Ortega, until you find the truth. Not before going through a tortuous and deformed journey with him. “

Portero recently introduced Nazis on the Costa del Sol,   published by the Almuzara publishing house, a historical essay in which it brings to light a long list of Nazis fugitives from justice and, most of them, responsible for horrible crimes that were welcomed by a regime that considered them brothers.



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