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The hotel occupancy forecasts for the last months of the year are around 60%

The mayor and councilor for Tourism of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, visited the Tourist Attention Office this morning, located in El Bil-Bil Castle, to highlight the excellent tourist occupancy figures in Benalmádena, and the intense work of visitor service and information, carried out from the new location of the aforementioned office.

“We are very satisfied with the tourist data that has been released in recent days: first of all, by the balance of the past summer campaign, what has been very positive thanks to the influx of national tourists, who have increased their presence by 85 percent compared to 2020, compared to a 50 percent decrease in international tourism as a result of restrictions due to the pandemic ”, has Navas started.

In this sense, Benalmádena has had an occupancy between 80 and 85 percent, depending on the summer month, and on the last bridge in October the occupancy was 75 percent.

“In recent days I have spoken with the hoteliers from Benalmadena, and they told me that, according to data provided by Costa del Sol Tourism and Planning, expectations for the last months of the year are even better than those registered in 2019, the year before the pandemic, with figures of hotel occupancy located between 54 and 60 percent”, has advanced.

As Navas pointed out, these data respond to the reservations that are being made as a result of the opening in countries such as the United Kingdom, where since last October 4 it is possible to travel without restrictions to Spain, with the only obligation being the British tourist, Like the rest of the visitors, fill out a form to facilitate the tracking of their trip and stay as a preventive measure due to the pandemic.

The mayor has also valued the work carried out by the Tourist Service Office, after his transfer to El Bil-Bil Castle from its previous location in Plaza Solymar. “The tourist offices must be located in the neuralgic nuclei of the tourist activity of the cities, and in the case of Benalmádena El Bil-Bil is one of the enclaves with the greatest influx of tourists, and that is why we decided this change of location”, Navas recalled.

This office has served twice as many tourists and visitors in 2021 as in 2020. In the words of the mayor, “last year there was less influx of tourists as a result of the pandemic, but if we compare these data with 2019, we also speak of 20 percent more tourists served in the new location of the office with respect to the registered in Solymar ”.



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