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The Ice Club could resume its activity in early 2022

The Club de Hielo has been without activity for almost a year since, last February, the company that managed it left its concession, so that, from one day to the next, the operation of one of the most outstanding sports infrastructures was left empty of Benalmádena. As stated by the City Council to Ole Benalmádena, the new specifications have already been put out to tender and the procedure is currently in its final phase, so “we estimate that its management will be awarded at the beginning of 2022”.

Municipal sources assure this medium that, “once the most severe restrictions of the pandemic have been overcome, we hope that the activity of the Ice Club will return to normal“.

In this sense, they highlight that “we are convinced that its activity will be profitable for the company that manages it“.

It should be remembered that months ago a working table was created, with the participation of all political forces with representation in the Plenary. At that time, the mayor, Víctor Navas, explained that “at this table the possibility that a bridge company could take over the management of the Ice Club was addressed, but in the end it was unfeasible because no entity wanted to take care of its reopening and direction for a period of only four months, having to face in addition to the restrictions of the pandemic, which led to inevitable economic losses ”.

Following the imminent culmination of the current bureaucratic process, the the reopening of the Ice Club could crystallize in the coming months, according to the forecasts made by the Consistory, an infrastructure that has the only ice rink in the province of Malaga, as well as an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a bar-cafeteria and a parking



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