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The IES Cerro del Viento traffic collapses this morning because it does not have a concierge to open the doors

The IES Cerro del Viento woke up this morning without a concierge, which has caused such crowds at the doors of the educational center, where more than a thousand young people study, that, according to the Ampa, “the Local Police has had to “Talk to the director to put things in order because since the doors were closed, all the students were waiting and, since there are so many of them, traffic on the street had even been cut off.”

At the beginning of the school year, the institute had two janitors and with the loss of one of them, the only one left has been added today. Although Ampa has taken all the necessary steps to urgently demand the replacement of at least one of these workers, “after many calls and messages, since it seems that those responsible in Education are on vacation, they tell us that possibly next month they will send a substitute.”

Only two days have passed since the Ampas demonstrated in Benalmádena to request urgent action by Education in the face of the overcrowding and overcrowding that occurs daily in schools and institutes, with 40 students per classroom, some of them prefabricated as they no longer have more space, as well as the lack of counselors, school nurses, staff dedicated to students with special needs or cleaning.

The situation experienced this morning at the doors of the IES Cerro del Viento has been the last straw and the Ampas are already organizing a meeting with their counterparts in the province to adopt common measures and “put an end to this once and for all.” this unsustainable situation.”



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