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The inconvenient

Direction: Bernabé Rico

Year: 2020

Duration: 89 min. .

Country: Spain

Cast: Juana Acosta, Kiti Mover, Carlos Areces, José Sacristán, Daniel Grao, Eduardo Rejón

Script: Bernabé Rico, Juan Carlos Rubio. Obra: Juan Carlos Rubio

Comedy genre

Musis: Julio Awad

Photography: Rita Noriega

Producer: La Claqueta PC, TalyCual Producciones, Tito Clint Movies

Distributor in Spain: Filmax

Premiere in Spain: December 18, 2020

2020: Goya Awards: 3 Nominations, Including Best New Director

2020: Málaga Film Festival: Best Actress (Manver) and Audience Award

2020: Forqué Awards: Nominated for Best Actress (Manver)

2020: Feroz Awards: Nominated for Best Actress (Manver) & Supporting Actress (Acosta)


The film tells the story of Sara (Acosta), who is offered to buy the perfect house: spacious, very bright and extremely cheap. It only has one small drawback: Lola (Mánver), the octogenarian current owner, will live in it until she dies. Still, Sara thinks it’s a good deal and decides to buy and wait.


“A comedy much whiter, more moral and more hopeful than its models. A film shot with solvency that, without great complexities, nails its intentions in the audience. An exceptional and immeasurable Kiti Mánver, who marks a great interpretive recital. A of the most sympathetic and appreciable national proposals of recent months”

Bernabé Rico is an actor, screenwriter and producer from Seville who made his feature film directorial debut with ‘El inconveniente’. He had previously directed five short films: ‘Todos mis padrees’, ‘Atracones’, ‘Premiere’, ‘Libre Direct’ and ‘Cowboys’.

‘El inconvenient’ is the film adaptation of the play ‘100 m2’, written by Juan Carlos Rubio and translated into six languages. With great critical and commercial success and exported to more than a dozen countries, it has been seen by almost 1 million viewers. In Spain it premiered in 2010 under the direction of Juan Carlos Rubio and after a successful season at the Teatro Lara in Madrid, it continued its tour of more than 120 cities, reaching 300 performances.

This is one of those films that must be valued above all for his ability to reach the viewer, whom he keeps between smiling and on the verge of tears with his modest but emotionally charged proposal. The merit lies in an ingenious script, starting with that idea from which the plot starts, and in its two protagonists, Kiti Mánver, whose character makes his presentation on screen in a very ingenious way, and Juana Acosta. 

They are the absolute owners of this comedy of conflicting characters who end up understanding each other over and above their seemingly difficult-to-conciliate differences. The men, including José Sacristán in a key participation, do not come off very well and are just mere troupes in that universe of female fraternity that the two build. They are the original origin of their troubles and disenchantments. Bernabé Rico manages to make us forget the theatrical origin that adapts the film, the work of the same name by Juan Carlos Rubio. Carlos Areces, brilliant as always, becomes the film’s shot stealer with his unexpected and recurring appearances.

Next screening: March 31, 2022

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