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The IV Conference on Adolescence begins today with a workshop on “invisible violence” in audiovisual culture

The IV Conference on Adolescence, which in this edition is entitled Enjoy to get out of it: emotions, body and rhythm, give their starting gun this afternoon with a workshop on the “invisible violence” of audiovisual culture that will take place in the House of Culture.

These days They will be developed throughout this month of November with the realization of forty workshops and informative talks aimed at raising awareness and training on the latest advances related to education in the youth stage and they are an initiative of the University of Malaga, through its General Foundation, and the Benalmádena City Council. Last year, due to the pandemic, the third edition of these conferences was carried out electronically.

In this edition, the experts, together with the teaching staff, families and the students themselves, will discuss the management of children’s emotions, the invisible violence of visual culture and the use of music as an ally to improve learning behaviors.

This afternoon will be attended by María Acaso, cultural producer, founding partner of the Pedagogías Invisibles collective and currently head of the Education area of ​​the Reina Sofía Museum, who will teach, starting at 5:00 p.m. at the Casa de la Cultura, the workshop Watch out, a picture! Visual self-care in the classroom. According to Acaso, this talk will explore “the invisible violence of the visual culture that surrounds us, as well as the necessary didactic tools with which to take care of ourselves as well as our students.”

On November 18, at 5:00 p.m., the IES Cerro del Viento will host the workshop Sexuality to be. Enjoy your sexuality, to be developed by Nayara Malnero, psychologist, clinical sexologist and sex coach, who currently works as a health communicator, collaborating in different media. In this practical presentation on the current situation in the area of ​​affectivity and sexuality in adolescence, Malnero emphasizes that «I will show my system of the 6 keys to start (or do better) this educational work. The goal is for us to be 100% prepared to overcome our insecurities and transmit the best information on sex education.

On the 24th, at 5:00 p.m., the House of Culture will have the presence of Davide Morana, an Italian boy who came to Spain for love and decided to stay. However, meningitis turned his life around 360 degrees. All four of his limbs had to be amputated, but this did not make him give up. Now he is preparing for Paris 2024 and has reflected his entire story in his book Arriba la vida. Morana will give the workshop Big changes: resilience and improvement. Davide will share with those present how he has found his greatest strength in his weaknesses. Those who are interested in attending any of these free talks can register through the website of the IV Conference on adolescence 

Workshops in institutes with teachers

The students of the IES Benalmádena, IES Al-Baytar, IES Arroyo de la Miel, IES Cerro del Viento, IES Poetas Andaluces and CDP Maravillas will have access to workshops of different kinds such as Conscious eating or Mindfuleating, by Beatriz de Lara Pérez, nutritionist and food educator; Activating my emotions, by Pablo Fernández Berrocal, Professor of Psychology at the University of Malaga; or The good will, by María Adela Checa Caruana, director of the UMA Psychological Care Service and president of the Filio Association.

In addition, Yolanda Matarán Robles, collaborator of the UMA Flamenco Chair and teacher of body percussion and clapping, will give the workshop called  Takatá, which will help students to recognize each of the flamenco styles from the deepest understanding of this music.

For its part, it will also work with Sound tubes, by Javier Campos Ojeda, a teacher of secondary education in the specialty of Music and Iván López Fernández, professor of Didactics of Body Expression at the University of Malaga will give the workshop  Body expression to change the world.

On the other hand, teachers can also attend the workshop Emotional well-being for teachers, based on an active pedagogy through experiential, participatory and self-awareness dynamics, working from the beginning those key emotional skills to strengthen their personal and teaching well-being. It will be directed by Natalio Extremera Pacheco, Professor of Social Psychology at the UMA.

Finally, as a closing ceremony, the activity will take place Music Experience,directed by singer-songwriter Julia Martín . The student body will be an accomplice in the realization of some parts of the songs and will observe the creation of them through the technique of the livelooping. In this way, students will learn to make music using state-of-the-art electronic instruments or devices, as well as those made by hand, body sounds or the voice itself.




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