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The Junta declares three days of official mourning for the death of the director Javier Imbroda

The president of the JuntaJuanma Moreno, has announced the declaration of three days of official mourning in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia for the death of the Minister of Education and Sports, Javier Imbroda, due to a long illness, in recognition “of his commitment to democracy, human values and the Autonomy of Andalusia”, according to the Decree of the President 1/2022, of April 3.

Moreno, who has lamented the “sad news with which we have woken up”, has highlighted the great personal and professional value of Javier Imbroda and has transferred his condolences and “a deep hug” to his family. “Nothing more than having known him and having shared with him these three and a half years has made this legislature worthwhile,” he stressed.

For the Andalusian president, it was   “a great person and a magnificent and brilliant Education Councilor, with a long sports career, especially linked to basketball”, where he has trained Mayoral Maristas, Unicaja, Caja San Fernando, Real Madrid or the Spanish team.

Likewise, Moreno lamented that “it is a very hard loss in personal terms, because it has been a great discovery and a good friend, and a very hard loss for the Andalusian Government, a strong adviser who was in charge of an important area, so it is a sad and complex day,” he insisted. The Vice President of the Junta and Director of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration, Juan Marín, temporarily assumes the powers of Education and Sport.

Decree of the President 1/2022, of April 3

Presidential Decree 1/2022, of April 3, declares official mourning in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia until midnight on April 5 as a sign of respect for the death of Javier Imbroda Ortiz, in recognition “to his commitment to democracy, human values and the Autonomy of Andalusia”.

The text, effective from its publication in BOJA, highlights that Imbroda “is a clear example of political and social commitment to Andalusia and Spain until the last moment. His qualities as a good man, liberal, thoughtful, moderate, courageous, of titanic integrity and vitality, of extreme cordiality, of talent and character, define an impeccable professional career and public service”.

“Melillense and Andalusian”, continues the decree, the counselor “knew how to leave his mark on all walks of life, which he always approached with passion, work, consideration and respect. His extensive and brilliant career as a basketball coach, his successful facet as a businessman and his commitment in capital letters to public service from politics are nothing more than a sample of the greatness of his character and his teaching, drawn, yes, in a simple, educated, kind, dialoguing and endearing man”.

Finally, he underlines that “true to his ideas and his social commitment, his concern for the training and future of young people, especially the most vulnerable, within the Andalusian educational system and also through his foundation, always marked his path,knowing that education and sports are the best instruments to instill in youth the values for which he always fought:  effort, overcoming, camaraderie and solidarity”.

Half-staff flags

With the declaration of the three days of official mourning in the autonomous community, The official flags will fly at half-staff in all centers and public buildings dependent on the Junta de Andalucía until midnight on April 5. Similarly, the celebration of Andalusia Day in Madrid, scheduled for this Monday, April 4, is cancelled.

Flags at half-staff at the Palacio de San Telmo. Photo: Junta de Andalucía.

IN MEMORIAM: Javier Imbroda: leader, companion, friendfor Juanma Moreno, president of the Junta de Andalucía.



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