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The Kings ‘unionists’ take coal to the Government Subdelegation for the cut of Cercanías

The Union CGT has taken today, as a sign of protest, its particular Three Wise Men trade unioniststo the Government Sub-delegation in Malaga to deliver to its manager, Javier Salas, three sacks of coal -the real one- due to the reduction of more than thirty suburban trains in recent months in our province.

The union denounces “the chaotic situation of the railway in our province, which is being deprived of the basic right to sustainable mobility and promoting the depopulation of the towns in the interior of Málagadespite the siren calls to the contrary.”

The 2021 has been called to be the “European year of the railroad” and in Malaga, according to the CGT, “It has been the year of the railway debacle and the worst thing is that there is no prospect of a solution in 2022 due to the retention in other autonomous communities of railway colleagues who have been granted a transfer to Malaga but are not executed, preventing this serious situation from being alleviated for employment in the public company Renfe and for citizens who are seeing the services contracted by the Ministry cut by 30% and mobility limited, on the line between the capital of Malaga and the Coast del Sol, which by extension is the most profitable in the country, even though they have insisted on dismantling it ”.

This union announced that it will continue to denounce “the lack of railway staff in Malaga and the suppression of more than 6,000 OSP trains in our province in 2021, which continues daily “and indicates that” they will continue to try with all our might to safeguard a fundamental public service for citizen mobility and against climate change and depopulation in the interior of our province and the rural environment in general. In short, what they demand from the CGT are “more trains and more railway workers.”



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