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The Local Police also take care of and monitor Benalmádena from the sky

The Local Police has incorporated two drones into the team it has to continue guaranteeing the safety of citizens in the municipality of Benalmádena.

The Councilor for Security, Javier Marín; and the chief of the Benalmádena Local Police, Francisco Zamora, together with the five agents that make up the new Águila Unit, presented this morning the two surveillance drones that have just been incorporated into the service.

The Local Police now has this new unit in which the City Council has invested more than 14,000 euros. One of them is equipped with a thermal camera, and both have a loudspeaker that allows officers to communicate with a person at any time.

These unmanned aerial vehicles will be used for functions as diverse as covering large events, carrying out urban inspections, reinforcing emergency actions, controlling aspects such as irregular pruning spills or monitoring the streets of Benalmádena from the airspace.

In addition, as explained by the Security Councilor, “the Benalmádena Local Police is the first in the province coordinated with the Malaga Airport control center, a milestone that provides a series of legal guarantees to the flights that these drones will carry out” .

Drones can acquire a height of up to two kilometers, “but to address efficient management of the camera and other accessories, the ideal height would be between 60 and 100 meters.”

“I want to congratulate and thank the five agents that make up the Águila Unit for their commitment to launching this new service, and their willingness to train other colleagues, because our intention is that most of the agents be prepared to make use of this resource ”, declared the councilor.

According to Marín, “with this new service the Local Police takes another step towards its modernization, an aspect in which we have been working since our arrival at the municipal government, and thanks to which we have already renewed vehicles, equipment and uniforms, and we have incorporated new agents to the staff ”.

In fact, in the opinion of the mayor, “with the acquisition and implementation of this great resource, we have achieved two fundamental objectives: to improve the resolution of our actions, providing our interventions in emergencies with a tool with infinite possibilities; and we are once again taking a very important step in the incorporation of new technologies into our daily work, which gives us a leap in quality that once again places us at the forefront of local police forces in the province ”.



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