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The Nautical Club exposes the graphic history of the Ficcab through its posters

A new exhibition joins the large list of events and activities with which this year the Ficcab celebrates its 20th anniversary. From today until November 7, the auditorium of the Club Náutico de Benalmádena hosts an exhibition that takes a tour through the graphic history of these two decades of the Benalmádena International Short Film and Alternative Film Festivalthrough its posters .

In the exhibition they can be seen from the first proposals, when it was a modest film contest, to the present moment where the Ficcab is an international reference in the world of short films. The work of all the authors who, during these twenty years, have been part of the graphic history of the festival has been compiled, as well as some photographs of the international stars -Ken Loach, Guillermo del Toro, Joaquim de Almeida, Theo Angelopoulos, Jiri Menzel, István Szabó, Humberto Solas, or Richard Lester-, as nationals -Isabel Coixet, José Luis Cuerda, Terele Pavez, Sancho Gracia, Loles León, Fernando Guillén, Karra Elejalde, Manuel Martín Cuenca, María Botto, Pablo Berger, Nathalie Poza , Jose Sazatornil “Saza”, Imanol Uribe, Luis Tosar, Antonio Resines, Hugo Silva, Jaime Rosales or Benito Zambrano- who have visited Benalmádena through the Ficcab.

Besides, the exhibition recalls the medal that the Salerno International Film Festival (Italy), which has been held since 1946, awarded to its organizers, José Ramón Martínez and Jaime Noguera, in 2005, or the most recent Benagalbín award from the Cortobén festival, awarded in 2019 to them for “their work in Cultural Management in the field of Cinematography”.

On the other hand, the posters on display distil the essence of the Ficcab into an ideal medium to narrate his biography and, indirectly, the posters also show the aesthetic trends of the moment, thematic concerns and the interests and searches of each era.

The main objective of the festival during these years has been to disseminate unknown and alternative cinematographies among the population of Malaga and Benalmadena, especially among young people. This has been demonstrated through risky and innovative programming, which has shown the new currents of contemporary international cinema, as well as works of worship or retrospectives of authors, distributed in cycles such as Postales desde Francia: les enfats au cinema, Hollywood censurado en España, Psicodelia y rock and roll: musicales que rompieron esquemas, Porque yo tengo un arma y tú no: La guerra de los balcanes en el cine or Blaxploitation y afroamericano de los 70, among others.

A marina, cinema and advertising scene

The exhibition, organized by the Puerto Deportivo, was presented by its manager, Manuel Jiménez, the directors of Ficcab, Jaime Noguera and José Ramón Martínez, and the Councilor for Culture, Pablo Centella.

For his part, Noguera has highlighted that  “The residents of Benalmádena are very lucky to have a port like this, which has also been the scene of the recording of advertising spots and filming spots such as Torrente 2 or a feature film by Indian production companies, East Coast Productions and Gopi Krishna Narravulaand that it has great potential as a cinematographic setting, an aspect that within our role we hope to be able to enhance in the future ”.

“The Puerto Deportivo is no stranger to the cultural events held in the municipality and, given that the sea has always been a generator of stories for the seventh art, we have decided to support, through this exhibition, the dean festival of Benalmádena on the occasion of the celebration of its 20th edition ”, pointed out Manuel Jiménez, manager of the Benalmádena Marina.

The Councilor for Culture, for his part, has valued that “in this exhibition you can see the history of the festival throughout its 20 editions, an event that has already been consolidated in the cultural program of Benalmádena due to its projection and ability to introduce the city to the international film circuit ”.



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