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The Naxfor A of the Benalmádena Chess Club, leader of the honor division after his last victory

The Naxfor A of the Benalmádena Chess Club, after the first two rounds in the Honor Division competition, is the leader after their last victory against the powerful Sevillian team Oromana.

The team, led by the new signing of Naxfor A, the Armenian grandmaster Karen Grigoryan, is proving intractable for her rivals, achieving to date a partial of board victories of 6.5 to 1.5, which makes this season one of the contenders for the title of División of Honor.

However, according to Daniel Hidalgo, president of the Club, “for the following rounds we will suffer a very sensitive loss, since Yingrui Lin, current champion of Spain Cadet, will represent our country in the next European of the category and will not be able to compete with Naxfor A, although far from being a setback it is a great pride that a player of ours bears the name of Benalmádenaan international event of this type. We also have a large squad with great players who will surely be able to replace him with solvency ”.

For his part, Joaquín Villazón, councilor of Sports, has congratulated the team for this brilliant start to the season because, in the words of the mayor, “three years ago this achievement was unthinkable, when it started from scratch, and today there have already been three consecutive promotions and local players such as Yingrui represent us in the elite of international chess. All these achievements, as well as our Municipal Chess School, where classes are taught to girls and boys at all levels, is a source of pride for all Benalmadenses ”.



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