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The Occupational Center and the Hockey Club agree to optimize their resources to promote sport

The Councilor for Education, Pablo Centella; and the vice president of CH Benalmádena, Ernesto Martos; have attended this morning at the Occupational Center the signing of a collaboration agreement between the Benalmádena City Council and the Benalmádena Hockey Club.

Through this agreement, on the one hand, the integration of users of the Occupational Center will be promoted through sports practice and the transfer of spaces in this center to the Clubso that they can make use of its facilities.

The Councilor for Education congratulated both the Club and the Occupational Center “for the important work they do and for the agreement signed today.”

“From Education we are very satisfied with the management of the Occupational Center, sensitive to what happens in its surroundings and making its resources and spaces available to the public for use by associations and sports entities”, added Centella.

For his part, Ernesto Martos, vice president of CH Benalmádena, pointed out that “the club is proud to be able to collaborate in this way with the Occupational Center. Within the contents of the education received by the users of this center, sport plays an important and integrating role”.

“Since we launched the idea to Ángel, the director of the center, we have found total willingness and collaboration. Now, our youngest players have one more track to train on andthe students at the Occupational Center will be able to practice hockey after the great acceptance of an activity that we have already developed with them”, concluded Martos.



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