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The Ombudsman does not see it necessary to mediate on the Coast before the popular consultation is held

The Andalusian Ombudsman has called off the meeting that was scheduled for today with the City Council and members of the virtual platform No to the Single Lane, already constituted as a neighborhood association, on “understanding that there is no conflict to mediate” regarding Benalmádena Costa , after learning the latest news about this enclave and the remodeling that is the object of discord. And it is that, to date, all traffic lanes have been enabled on Antonio Machado avenue since the deadline for the pilot test has already expired, the procedures have been initiated, by the Consistory, to carry out a popular consultation according to the law Law 7/2017, of December 27, on Citizen Participation in Andalusiaon  what project to undertake in the area and there is an express commitment by the mayor of Benalmádena not to undertake any work in the area until the result of the decision is known. inquiry.

The new controversy surrounding this meeting arose this morning when the platform No to the single lane published on social networks that “the mayor plants the Ombudsman and this platform (…). We copy the full text:

After contrasting the information published on social networks by the platform No to the single lane of Benalmádena Costa with the other parties involved, Ole Benalmádena has tried to offer them the opportunity to explain themselves, but they have refused to do so.

In reference to this accusation, Navas told Ole Benalmádena that “as mayor, I am the first interested in mediation with the Andalusian Ombudsman, and for this reason I have insisted that we have to sit down and meet to finish once and for all for all such mediation if possible, always in our desire for dialogue and understanding” and has underlined that “I have never refused to meet with any group, quite the contrary: I have met on two occasions with the group of neighbors who oppose the projectfor Antonio Machado avenue, as well as the municipal technicians who work on it, thus demonstrating our willingness to always listen to the neighbors.

Although we cannot offer you the reason for this publication made by the non-political and transversal platform, we can try to shed some light on all the unknowns that they raise in their writing on social networks, since they have all been published by Ole Benalmádena and other media. Communication.

  1. “Remove bollards”: In May, the one-year period announced by the City Council for the pilot test consisting of the reduction of lanes in Antonio Machado ended, once completed the vials are restored: HERE
  2. “Non-binding consultation, we do not know the date, or how, or how many people can vote”: The popular consultations are not binding by law (Difference between consultation and referendum), the procedure and dates are at the mercy of current legislation (HERE), it will be carried out electronically and registered citizens of legal age will be able to vote (HERE).
  3. “They have everything decided regardless of the citizen because they continue to contract for Antonio Machado’s work”: Víctor Navas: “We will not start any work until we have all the certainties that the results of the consultation offer us. However, we do not paralyze the adjudications and the administrative process of the Edusi contracts because there is a deadline for its development, and we do not know what the result of the consultation will be: it may be favorable, or a hybrid option that allows us to use the funds Europeans, and therefore we could not afford to lose time to justify such funds” (HERE).


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