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The only social gastrobar in the country is in Benalmádena

If a business allocated all its profits to the most vulnerable people, what would its profitability be? The successful Malaga businessman Javier Gaspar has a clear answer: profit is social. Under this philosophy, La vida es bella, the first social gastrobar in Spain, was born in Benalmádena. Located on the pedestrian street Blas Infante, 8, this restaurant offers a striking menu that, according to opinions published on social networks by customers, “brims with good genre topped by spectacular homemade desserts”, born of the culinary sensitivity and successful fusion of flavors of its chef Cristina, and the professionalism and friendly treatment of the waiters team.

The social gastrobar La vida es bella allocates all its benefits to solidarity causes.

This surprising business idea arises because Javier Gaspar, always involved in solidarity causes, wanted to go further and help children with some kind of need, which he understands as “the weakest link in society”. In all his businesses, -mostly focused on the real estate and hospitality sector-, he had already been allocating a part of the profits to solidarity purposes, but he felt the need to bet fully on a project in which through leisure and gastronomy could help the most vulnerable. La vida es bellais a business, at first glance, like any other in the hospitality field but with the not inconsiderable difference that everything that enters has repercussions on different causes, especially children, such as Andrés Olivares Foundation (which helps families with children with cancer), Abab (serving people with any type of disability and their families), Carmen Leyre (a girl with nemaline myopathy) or the Vuelo de las libélulas(which supports families in the city in need), among other associations.

It offers the customer a menu of signature dishes and a menu that is very affordable for all budgets.

La vida es bella beyond, and it also offers customers the option of paying a menu for five euros or a coffee for one euro, which will later be consumed by people without resources who come to the premises by hearing or derived by Cáritas. According to the person in charge of the playful-social area, Maite Chacón, “now an average of three or four people are coming a day through this initiative of the pending menu orcoffee. It is essential that people have a plate of food and thanks to the generosity of our clientele, they can come here and eat. And if we don’t have any pending menu, they don’t leave here on an empty stomach because the company assumes it ”. This is one of the great things about this project, restoring dignity to people, neighbors, who, due to different circumstances, as the pandemic has highlighted, are at risk of social exclusion.

The place has a leisure area for the little ones.

The menu proposed by the gastrobar social Benalmadense, -whose selfless work has already achieved several recognitions, including that of Ciudad con Alma– overflows creativity at an unbeatable price and diners can please the palate with signature menus and dishes, among which the proposals for vegans and vegetarians stand out.. In addition, if you go accompanied by children, it has a charming children’s play area where the little ones can entertain themselves, while the older ones enjoy a chat with friends.

Christmas dinners and meals with a flavor of solidarity

Now that it seems that the pandemic is granting a truce and restrictions have been minimized, many companies are already thinking about where to celebrate traditional Christmas meals. Without a doubt, La vida es bellais the winning bet. While ensuring quality food at a very competitive price, they will leave the gastrobar knowing that the entire account will be used for solidarity work that will affect associations that work with children and young people in danger of social exclusion or with serious illnesses.

This place is the ideal place to celebrate traditional company meals this Christmas.

For this reason, this Christmas do not hesitate to make your reservation at this place, either to enjoy a family meeting or with friends, or to celebrate with business colleagues in a pleasant atmosphere and with dishes of great culinary quality, knowing that they are collaborating with those who most need our solidarity.

Likewise, this social gastrobar is the ideal place to celebrate birthdays, communions or any other special date as it has a considerable space both inside and outside in which to welcome friends and family to spend an unforgettable time.



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