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The opposition withdraws from the Technical Cleaning Table and describes it as “useless”

The opposition en bloc has announced this morning at the gates of the City Council that it is leaving the Technical Cleaning Table when it understands that “it is of no use whatsoever” since, according to the complaint, “you can count on the fingers of one hand” the number of meetings called by the mayor, Víctor Navas, who, in the opinion of Vox, Cs and PP, “has refused to address the opposition serious cleaning problems that the municipality houses in the six years of government of the PSOE and IU ”.

The reality is that the proposal to create this technical table was born two years ago at the request of Citizens who put this formula on the table with the aim of “removing the problem from the political debate and finding solutions to a problem through technical meetings endemic in Benalmádena as is cleaning ”.

In fact, as this digital medium has been able to confirm, at that time the first mayor, Víctor Navas, published a press release in which, according to different media, he valued that “this technical table was born from the agreement between all the political forces to establish a suitable forum to debate on the cleaning, an essential aspect in the management of any City council, especially in those of tourist municipalities ”. Along these lines, Navas highlighted in that official statement that the intention was “to open the doors to the participation of all the political parties of the corporation in all the technical tables where possible, so that they are participants in the daily management” . And although indeed the doors of participation were open, because everyone is part of the Cleaning table, in the words of the opposition, the reality is that “it is only a paripe because it has no use, activity or practice”.

Despite the fact that the initiative emerged loaded with good intentions, it seems that it has ended up being erected, according to the opposition, as “a social failure” since it has only met a couple of times in two years. The opposition highlights what they understand as a strategy on the part of Navas who, according to criticism, “every time we denounce something reprehensible to his mismanagement, the mayor proposes to create working groups that later he blocks with lack of activity and uses his convenience to cover up criticism ”.

PP, Cs and Vox coincide in the “disastrous” image that the city has given this summer due, according to their criticism, “of the mismanagement of the local government and the arrogance of the mayor.” These political parties emphasize that “Benalmádena has dawned every tomorrow with traffic jams, overflowing containers, without reinforcements or special cleaning plan or completely abandoned garden areas ”.



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