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The Plenary approves a motion to condemn the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

The municipal corporation today unanimously approved an institutional motion condemning the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine. “After the military aggression suffered by Ukraine on February 24 by the Russian Federation, the government team of the Benalmádena City Council strongly and emphatically condemns with this motion the attacks perpetrated in various Ukrainian cities, as well as the military deployment triggered by the Russian government and all the consequences derived from it”, said councilman Manuel Arroyo, in charge of reading the motion.

The document contemplates a series of agreements, such as claiming, aligned with the international community, the immediate cessation of the aggression and the withdrawal of the Russian military troops deployed in Ukraine; sjoin all initiatives aimed at the restitution of unilaterally violated international law; support any action aimed at restoration of peaceand democratic coexistence, and respect for legality and human rights; and endorse the Government of Spain to collaborate in any type of humanitarian action and the reception of Ukrainian citizens who are leaving their country.

The councilman has highlighted that “through this motion we also strongly support the people of Ukraine, to which we convey all our solidarity and affection, and we extend this support to the more than 112,034 thousand Ukrainians who reside in our country and who have been our neighbors for years, 544 of them registered in Benalmádena”.



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