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The Plenary reaffirms its commitment to the defense of women’s rights by voting against VOX

During the ordinary November plenary session, a motion was approved on the occasion of the celebration tomorrow, November 25, of the International Day for the Elimination of Gender Violence. The motion has had the vote in favor of the government team (PSOE and IU), PP, Cs and the non-attached councilor, and the vote against VOX.

“The Benalmádena City Council has in force the I Municipal Plan against gender violence 2020-2024 in which, after the analysis of the information collected in the diagnosis with which it has sought to x-ray the state of the issue in the municipality, A set of measures have been designed that involve a multiplicity of social agents that will have a fundamental role in putting them into practice and also has a monitoring and evaluation system that will allow knowing the scope of its results at the end of its implementation. validity and, in turn, will promote accountability to the public”, recalled the Councilor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga, during the reading of the motion.

“In the same sense, the Plan constitutes a key political instrument that will allow the establishment of guidelines, mechanisms, roles and procedures to fight more effectively against gender violence; it will make it easier for women to access opportunities and rights; and it will generate the conditions for the citizens of the municipality of Benalmádena to be fairer and more equal”, Laddaga has highlighted.

The approved motion has a series of agreements, such as “the firm commitment of the Benalmádena City Council with the rights of women, the eradication of any type of sexist violence and combat any discourse that denies gender violence or rejects public policies focused on its total eradication; comply with the measures contained in the I Comprehensive Municipal Plan against Gender Violence, establishing the organizational, structural and budgetary measures necessary for this purpose; or collaborate with civil society associations that fight against sexist violence and work for equality”.



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