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The Port files a lawsuit against the owner of the Willow for the alleged crime of procedural fraud and false documentation

The Councilor for the Port, Encarnación Cortés, has reported that, given the evidence of the facts and after the trial, the municipal company Marina has filed a complaint against the entity that owns the Willow for the alleged crime of procedural fraud and false documentation, for consider that the contract he contributedto claim more than 13.5 million euros from the entity It does not have any kind of legal or administrative validity.

The owner entity filed a lawsuit against the port in which it demanded the payment of13,650,000 euros, an amount demanded based on an alleged million-dollar rental contract with a third party.

“The supposed contract was not provided with the demand, providing only a document printed on a computer without any signature and, despite being called a lease, neither the payment of the deposit nor the payment of any amount that would demonstrate the real existence of the aforementioned contract was accredited, “explained the councilor .

According to Cortés, “no amount had ever been claimed in advance from Puerto Deportivo under said contract, not having been informed of its existence, and no person who had signed it even declared in court.”

What’s more, an expert economist proved that the lease company could not comply with what the contract said, both for being in cause of dissolution and for having an open file in the National Securities Market Commission, which announced to investors that it did not meet the necessary requirements to contract, alleging the opposing party that the operation would be carried out with cryptocurrencies.

“Neither was any document provided that would prove not even the previous negotiation with that company,” Cortés pointed out.

For all these reasons,Puerto Deportivo challenged the validity of the document in the response to the claim, and appealed its admission after the deadline.

“Although they have claimed more than €13,650,000, and the net amount has only been estimated at around €300,000, which represents a estimate of just 2%, Puerto Deportivo wants to show its disagreement with the content of the sentence, and for this reason we announce that we will present the corresponding appeal to request the dismissal of the lawsuit”, the councilor announced. 

Thisinitial sentence has indeed upheld the request of the Marina for the immediate eviction of the boat from the berth it currently occupies and, in the event that it is impossible to refloat, its scrapping and removal of remains.



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