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The PP calls for budgets for 2022 with less taxes and more aid for job creation

The municipal group of the Partido Popular has presented this morning at a press conference a package of proposals for the preparation of the next municipal budgets for fiscal year 2022. In general terms, the battery of suggestions is aimed at reducing the tax burden on residents and the application of measures that promote the creation of new jobs.

In this sense, for the popular, the model to follow is that of the Andalusian Government which, in their opinion, “is demonstrating in the Board that lowering taxes is collected more, social items are increased with record figures, -as in the councils of Health and Education-, employment is created and investments are attracted, gaining competitivenes”.

In this line, in the face of the elaboration of the next local budgets, from the PP propose the reduction of taxes and fees, extend aid to families to alleviate the consequences of the pandemic and the rise in electricity by the Central Government, increase subsidies to SMEs to promote employment and a support plan aimed at new entrepreneurs.

From the PP, they understand, in the words of its spokesman, Juan Antonio Lara, that “although the City Councilstill maintains the debt with the banks, this situation does not adjust to the economic reality, since the municipal coffers have enough savings to be able to liquidate it and there would also be an important surplus ”. The popular explain that this situation is given as a consequence “of the policies to control spending and payment to suppliers promoted by the governments of the PP, in addition to the incorporation of contributions from surpluses and investments not spent in recent financial years.”

Likewise, Lara recalled “how her party defended that the residents’ savings were not delivered to the Central Government as the socialist mayor, Víctor Navas, intended, but that they were invested in the city”, and for this reason, she hopes that the municipal government heed the proposals of his party since, in his opinion, “now is the time for our The CityCouncil leads the economic recovery of the city, through the promotion of courageous measures to relaunch the creation of employment, the sustainability of our families and companies ”.



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