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The PP demands a plan to stimulate local trade in Benalmádena

The PP has urged the local government team to “listen to the voice of the city’s merchants and be sensitive once and for all to the difficult situation that the city’s business fabric is going through.”

The popular spokesman, Antonio Lara, has proposed this morning the urgent creation of a city plan for trade that takes into account a package of measures aimed at bonuses and stimuli with the aim of reactivating the economy and protecting employment. Ole Benalmádenahas asked him about what specific proposals he proposes and from the PP they comment that “these are in the same line as those that we have been sharing when we presented more than 80 measures and in the allegations to the budgets”.

In addition, from the PP they have demanded “forcefulness and reaction” in the face of the great problem that illegal street vending continues to generate in the merchants of Benalmádena, due, in the opinion of the PP, to the “laziness” of the left-wing government that, according to the popular , “look the other way while our self-employed suffer the consequences of these practices outside the law every day.”

For this political party, the “commitment to trade” continues to be a “vital axis” of action and for this reason a round of visits is being carried out by the different establishments “to learn first-hand about the needs of a depressed sector and that needs municipal support.”



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