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The PP proposes allegations to the budgets when understanding that “they do not adjust to the reality of Benalmádena”

ThePP has presented allegations to the municipal budgets of Benalmádena, which were approved by the Government team formed by PSOE and IU. According to the municipal spokesman, Juan Antonio Lara, the contributions of the popular to the City Council accounts have been madewith the intention that “these can adjust to the legal aspects alerted by the officials and national authorities and also to the reality that families and merchants are experiencing since they continue without raising tax cuts, without providing sufficient aid to maintain employment and insist on contemplating the project led by the mayor of the single lane on the Coast ”.

In the opinion of the popular,the Benalmádena budgets “are the sample of an exhausted government, supported by an ideology anchored in the past and constant confrontation”.

Specifically, Lara highlighted that the municipal government team “has not launched relevant projects in these 7 years and lives with its back to the neighborsalong with their needs in addition to demonstrating a worrying inability to solve the problems that Benalmádena has” .

And it is that, the PP believes that “they are more concerned with propaganda and self-aggrandizement “than with the municipality, which, as Lara highlighted,”is going to go down in history for having a record of closed facilities “and at this point, he mentioned the Club de Hielo, the central tourism office, the consumer service office and the pre-Columbian museum, among others.

The Benalmádena PP spokesman has highlighted that his party “will continue to contribute from the opposition to improve the city until the last moment due to the commitment acquired with the neighbors” and has advanced that “they are already working with enthusiasm on the project of the change that Benalmádena needs ”.



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