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The PP reaffirms its commitment to residents to stop the reduction of a lane on the Coast

The municipal spokesman for the PPin Benalmádena, Juan Antonio Lara, reported this morning that his party is going to maintain, as a preferred action, “to stop the single lane project together with the affected residents and groups.”

For the popular, it remains “incomprehensible” that the mayor continues with a project that “has proven to be unsuccessful and has greatly impaired the mobility of residents and merchants of Benalmádena Costa” and has “a high level of opposition by the citizens ”.

The PP has highlighted the different actions carried out by this political party since the “supposed test” of reducing a lane on Avenida Antonio Machado began on June 8, and  neighborhood protests arose due to the continuous traffic jams. This pilot test, in the opinion of the popular, “was initially sold like this to silence the general criticism but it has subsequently been shown that it is a deliberately imposed measure and obviously poorly managed.”

Lara recalled in this regard the constant meetings held with technicians, neighbors, groups, merchants, as well as the campaign to collect more than a thousand signatures against the single lane, the information tables installed in different parts of the city, the motions and questions in plenary sessions held in recent months, as well as press conferences, press releases and numerous publications on social networks.

Finally, Juan Antonio Lara has pledged with the neighbors to continue working from “all possible means” to redirect this situation and has sent a message to the left-wing government, confirming that the PP “is going to continue fighting together with the neighbors to rrecover the lanes eliminated on the coast, either from the opposition or already from the Mayor’s Office if we have the majority support after the municipal elections of May 2023 ”.



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