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The PP will ask in plenary session for the protection of the palm trees of the Coast and the recovery of the OMIC

The municipal spokesman of the PP in the Benalmádena City Council, Juan Antonio Lara, reported this morning, together with the rest of the councilors of this party, on the initiatives that they will take to the next plenary session on Thursday corresponding to the month of November.

The popular ones have explained the motion that their party will take to the plenary session and that will have as its fundamental objective “to achieve a clear political pronouncement that allows to protect the median along with its palm trees on Antonio Machado avenue.” In this way, the popular insist that they “once again focus their opposition work on transferring to the municipal debate the continuous neighborhood claims that are contrary to the project of action on the coast promoted by the socialist mayor.”

In this sense, Lara, has once again urged the municipal governmentteam to approve the PP’s motion since, according to the popular, “there is still time to rectify both the projects and the ways in which the Edusi strategy is being managed.” Lara has also demanded “courage” from the mayor so that, “once and for all, solve this neighborhood conflict generated in Benalmádena.

On the other hand, from the PP they will again claim the recovery of the Municipal Consumer Office, “a department that closed its doors in Benalmádena due to the lack of replacement of the retirement of the person in charge” and they have also influenced the need for immediate reopening of the Municipal Ice Club, which will soon be one year after its closure.

Finally, in the questions and answers section, the popular will address their concern about the expansion of the Port concession, the lackof garbage bags in the Operational Services as well as the request for more equality funding to meet the needs of the women’s association.



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