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The PP will ask to declare of “environmental interest” the median of palm trees on the Coast

The municipal spokesman for PP, Juan Antonio Lara, has announced the latest initiative promoted by his party “to achieve the maintenance of the median next to its palm trees on the coast ”, which will consist of to return to the plenary session “the majority opinion of citizens against the single lane project”.

Through this route, the PP intends that the groups that make up the municipal corporation approve “protect and declare the environmental, historical and social interest of the arboreal complex that integrates the median of the old 340as established by Law 14/2016 of Monumental Arboreal Heritage ”.

The popular ones have highlighted “the advantages for the city to maintain this unique ornamental structure ”which they consider is linked to the tourist memory of the environment, which also collaborates with the reduction of CO2 and, on the other hand, “avoids traffic accidents with the limitation of the directions of the lanes ”.

Juan Antonio Lara has once again demanded “common sense from the mayor and his government team” to attend to “the claims of citizens contrary to their intentions on the coastal strip.”  The popular has made it very clear that “his party will continue to fight together with the neighbors from all areas” to stop the elimination of the median with its palm trees and maintains its commitment to recover the four lanes on the Coast.



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