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The PP will demand explanations in plenary about the paralysis of the Marymar Plaza project

The PP has announced that among the issues that it will take to the next plenary session this Thursday, it will request “explanations from the mayor, -Víctor Navas- on the latest information regarding the possible paralysis by Costas of the construction project of a shopping center and 210 parking spaces in the area of ​​Marymar’s former residence”, an initiative that had an announced investment of 20 million euros. They will also ask if as a result “of the brake on this project, the only car park that had been planned to mitigate the effects of the single lane, the residents will have to pay the consequences of poor management as with the Willow case“.

The popular explain that this initiative had for a year with the concession of the subsoil of the old N-340 by the City Council, but that, “apparently, it did not meet all the definitive positive reports of the affected public administrations.”

For the PP, this new “hammer blow to the socialist local government is added to the Central Government’s refusal to build the much-needed train stop in the Nueva Torrequebrada area”, so, in the opinion of the popular, “it would prove that while the Board continues to loyally support Benalmádena as it has also shown in this Marymar project, it is the PSOE governments that continue to knock down investments for the city in the face of the passivity of a mayor held hostage to his party”.

Juan Antonio Lara, spokesman for the PP, has reported that in the next plenary session he will ask “about the inconsistencies and lack of information related to the single lane project, the electoral breaches of the PSOE with respect to the food market in Pueblosol and the remodeling of the building Ovoid, the request for aid to merchants in the face of the consequences of the works on Alay Avenue, in addition to the request through a motion addressed to the Central Government to request a reduction of the debt carried by the emblematic Tívoli World Amusement Park that keeps it closed.”



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