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The PP will not support investments “at any price, nor projects that the public rejects”

The celebration of extraordinary call for the Administrative Economic Information Commissionhas been developed today, as reported by the PP, “without surprises because, as we anticipated, the Government team led by the socialist mayor, Víctor Navas, it overturned our proposal so that the investments related to the elimination of the median and the reduction of the lane in Antonio Machado are separately approved from the restthat are part of the list ”.

This committee proposed the approval of a credit supplement for the City Council, which includes, among others, actions corresponding to European funds within the Edusi strategy. Whereupon, the PP requested in writing that these works be excluded from the rest of the proposed list, understanding that are projects, both the elimination of a lane of vehicular traffic, and the suppression of the median of palm trees on Antonio Machado avenue, which “are being rejected by the neighbors ”, who have developed two demonstrations since last September.

From the PP, they clarify that “they are and will always agree to invest in the city as well as in Benalmádena Costa, but not at any price or with projects that citizens reject.”

Likewise, they have also asked the mayor once again to “abandon pride and rectify”, because in the opinion of the popular, there is still time to seek an agreement leaving aside the works of the single lane.

The municipal spokesman of the PP, Juan Antonio Lara, has advanced that his party is going to continue alongside the neighbors “who suffer daily the serious consequences that the intervention on the Coast has caused.” On the other hand, Lara has confirmed that “his group is not going to be a participant in the trap that the PSOE intends to mix necessary investments for the city, with the works of the lane and the median of palm trees by Antonio Machado.”



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