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The PP will take the single lane of Benalmádena Costa to the next provincial plenary session

This morning the PP spokesman in the Málaga Provincial Council, Fran Oblaré, accompanied by the municipal spokesman, Juan Antonio Lara, the also deputy and local councilor, Víctor González, in addition to the rest of the councilors, has visited Benalmádena where he has made himself known the motion that the popular will raise to the next provincial plenary session that will address the problem of the single lane in the city.

“With the aim of forcing a serious reflection and to be able to solve the conflict produced by the single lane, this motion comes,” said deputy Víctor González, who as a representative, in addition to Benalmádena, will be in charge of defending “this new approach of the PP in solidarity with neighbors ”.

For his part, Oblaré has shown the support of his party “from all spheres to the residents of the city who are suffering dailyan unnecessary alteration in their quality of life due to the repercussions that an action that has proven to be poorly planned is having” .

The popular denounce “the inability and lack of sensitivity that the socialist government of Benalmádena has shown to address the continuous claims ofresidents and merchants who have been demanding for months from the mayor an immediate rectification of this projectthat has been unsuccessful for the city.”

Along these lines, from the PP they affirm that “the problems that are occurring in traffic and mobility as a consequence of the elimination of lanes are also affecting the rest of the surrounding cities, mainly the public transport service”.

Finally, Juan Antonio Lara has valued “the great work that residents are doing and their platform to raise awareness in all institutions, entities and political parties to put an end to this situation.”

The neighborhood platform meets with the mayor

According to information made public by the citizen platform not to the single lane of Benalmádena, tomorrow Friday the 17th, he will hold a meeting with the mayor, Víctor Navas.

The members of this group have been since last summer showing their rejection of this remodeling of road traffic on the Coast and have even held two demonstrations in protest. It should be remembered that the reduction of one lane to traffic on Avenida Antonio Machado has been developed on the occasion of the comprehensive remodeling project of the area within the European funds of the Edusi for Benalmádena.

In this sense, the platform emphasizes that “in Edusi it is pointed out that the measures adopted must have a balance between development and well-beingand the reduction of the lane in   Costa has not worked.” In addition, they show their rejection of the elimination of the palm tree median,recently approved in plenary session and which is also included in the project.



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