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The problem of lack of personnel in the school cafeteria of Miguel Hernández and the Poet Salvador Rueda worsens

Instead of approaching effective solutions, the problem in the dining rooms of the two schools in Benalmadena, Poeta Salvador Rueda and Miguel Hernández, seems to be getting worse, if possible, due to recent events. It should be remembered that the conflict arises due to the lack of kitchen staff at the Miguel Hernández educational center due to a medical leave, and in which, others, they have been waiting a year for another leave concerning retirement to be covered.

To avoid the closure of this service in Miguel Hernández, – that provides coverage at the same time, to the students of El Panal, because it does not currently have adequate facilities to offer its dining service-, the Junta de Andalucía transferred to this school, in a “provisional way, the head of the kitchen of the CEIP Poeta Salvador Rueda and a kitchen assistant from a school in Alhaurín de la Torre”.

The associations of mothers and fathers of students from both educational centers have been requesting the Competent administration in the matter that “cover sick leave with new hires, since the solution given so far affects two other centers that see their workforce reduced and, therefore, affects the school canteen service that they offer daily ”.

Although so far there is no official written communication, according to the Ampa of Poeta Salvador Rueda reported to this medium, the “borrowed” head of the kitchen could join her job at this educational center tomorrow, Monday.

Faced with this news, the Ampa del Miguel Hernández, comments that it is true that the Junta de Andalucía “has given order for the head of the kitchen that they sent us from Salvador Rueda to his post- although he has not done so yet, nor have they told us when he is leaving-, in addition, the kitchen assistant who brought us from another school in Alhaurín it also has one foot outside our center, to which it should be added that the only two workers properly ours, two kitchen assistants, could also leave due to a health issue ”, so the panorama does not look good at all in the face of keep the canteen service active at the school.

At the same time, they emphasize that “they know nothing” about when the professional who should cover the retirement leave that they have been demanding for a year will arrive, and that the only certainty at this time “is that the solution that the Juntato bring us two workers from other centers is about to come to an end, without giving us any alternative in this regard ”.

In short, if tomorrow the head chef who has worked temporarily at the school joins her school of origin Miguel Hernández, this one remains with the vacancy uncovered because, in the words of the Ampa, “they take it without incorporating anyonein his position to the staff of our dining room “.

Both associations of mothers and fathers of students agree that “from the beginning, the alternatives that the Junta they are not the most suitable but the cheapest ”, and that the most logical option“ is to fill the vacancies hiring new staff”, a circumstance that, according to what they highlight,“ does not seem to be in the thinking of the Administración autonómica,since if they have been in for a year and have not yet covered a retirement, which they obviously knew in advance that it was going to occur, we can expect little if a worker falls ill suddenly ”.

From the Ampa del Miguel Hernández they wait in bewilderment how they are going to deal with the canteen service next week if the head chef actually returns to the Poeta Salvador Rueda, and they cross their fingers to “continue counting on our two own workers, two kitchen assistants, who are pending a medical issue and could also cause leave shortly”.

For his part, the councilor of Educación, Pablo Centella, has assured Ole Benalmádena that “is in permanent contact with both the Junta as with the affected schools and their Ampas” and that from the Administración autonómica “they tell us that the measures adopted are urgent and will not be prolonged in time.” In this sense, in the words of Centella, “this municipal delegation is not going to stop appealing to those responsible to seek an adequate solution to the problem.”

Lack of staff, not just in dining rooms

Apart from the problems surrounding the dining room service, the Ampas also highlight the lack of professionals in other areas of the educational centers. Thus, the Poeta Salvador Rueda stresses that since last July he has been requesting a special education monitor “since we have many students with special needs” and to date they have not received any response. Something similar happens in the Miguel Hernández, that a few days ago he discovered that the Junta has made them independent of El Panal, “but in addition to continuing to serve his students in the dining room, we also share a speech therapist and a therapist, despite the fact that this center would have to have its own”.



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